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Contax SL300R on Focus in Birmingham


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Went to the Focus on Imaging show last Friday at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. Straight to the Kyocera stand to see what was new. Reluctantly rejected the 35-70 Vario Sonnar G in black at GBP899 and was having a moan about my Kyocera Finecam S5. The representative told me what I needed was the new Contax SL300RT* miniature 3.2mp digital. I was a little taken aback a 3.2mp - surely that's a bit retrograde when they already make a 5mp pocket camera. To cut a long story short I have been sold (there's a sucker along every minute) and it turns out the camera is a little gem. Its pictures have that indefineable something that some digitals have and others don't. My original Leica Digilux 4.3(Fuji) had it my later Digilux 1 (Panasonic) and the Kyocera Finecam S5 didn't. The camera is tiny, has an excellent screen and the fastest switch on I have ever seen (less than 1 second), particularly in comparison to the S5 which takes about 5 seconds. The only sadly missing feature is an optical viewfinder. It is just what I am looking for in a digital - a shirt pocket snap shot camera for when I don't want to carry round my RX or G2. Well done Kyocera! Wilson


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Wilson looks like you have found the ideal quailty compact, saw the Contax at Focus as well and did not buy. After reading your comments you have convinced me it is a good buy, just called two Dealers and both have sold out.
Looks like it is in great demand and I hear they may do a black limited model.
Will keep trying Bob.
I too saw the Contax SL300RT* at Focus & also the results - A4 & A3 prints which were superb quality. All this in a package approaching matchbox proportions.
If there's a limited edition black model on the way, how long before the gold "anniversary" edition.
They have a winner here especially as it is a real "lifestyle" product, in the way Porsche luggage or a Rolex watch is the business. This camera delivers! Who will be the first to post results in the gallery?


Had anybody on Focus the possibility to shoot with a Contax 300R? How is the AF?

Did the Contax people tell the difference between the Kyocera SL300R and the Contax SL300R apart from the obvious difference in the lens.

I saw that the lens is better covered so you do not have your fingerprints on the lens while taking it out of the pocket. It also has a screw mount for filters etc.

But what about the processor, the chip etc. Are there different RTunes processors available at all? Is Rtune owned by Kyocera? I never saw it somewhere else.

A black Contax SL300R as a limited edition would be nice. If Leica can offer limited editions, I would like to see that also from Contax.


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I bought the Kyocera Finecam 300R from QVC here in the UK so I was able to try it out for up to 30 days and if necessary return it. I found that despite being very careful I touched the lens cover almost every time I used it and was forever wiping it clean. I know that this was only a cover for the lens but I was worried that it might become scratched over time. I was also concerned that the metal surfaces seemed to mark easily. The low light focussing was very poor.
I saw on the web that a Contax version was due to be released, although at a higher price so I returned the Finecam.
I looked at the Contax at Focus and was very impressed with the look, feel and finish of this camera. Apart from the lens I was told that the Contax was more robust.
I decided to think about it so did not buy the camera at Focus. However I have since bought one from Jacob's for the same price.
The lens hood does an excellent job of stopping me from touching the lens cover as I have not done so yet despite using the camera quite a lot.
I still like the cosmetics of the camera. The results are excellent, I think that they are better than the Finecam. The focussing is just the same, poor in low light. I don't think that it is any more robust. The battery doesn't last very long so I will be buying a spare.
I am very pleased with my Contax and glad that I changed. Despite a preference for black cameras I think that I would prefer the one I have as the black leather against the titanium look of the metal is very attractive.


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Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content! Please see link above for three photos taken with my new SL300R. I have downloaded these uncorrected or cropped. The nightime one was taken without flash in almost complete darkness - street lighting only and through a rather dirty windscreen. The focus seems to work fine in low light especially if you set it to wide rather than spot. On the Britannia one the sky really was that blue - yes, in Scotland in February! The last one, the Contax still life can be blown up to see the definition. Sorry about the interloper who seems to be poking his lens over the Rangefinder book.


Thanks for sharing your photos.

Choosing a digital camera after being a Contax film camera user is tough and to be honest I'm wondering why Contax didn't come out with a 4M pixel camera like Kyocera (SL400R).

I haven't bought a digital camera since my Fuji 1.5M pixel since I just haven't been happy with the image and color quality. I need a new one and still don't know if I should spend the money on the Contax or maybe spend a little more for a 5m pixel Canon or Sony.

I wonder if there is a place where a side by side image comparison can be done with the Contax and a 5m camera like
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