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Contax T



The light indicating self timer in use does not go out when turned off. should it be repaired or will it run down battery?


It's an LED so the drain will be slow. Either remove the batteries when not in use or get it repaired (or disconected). I had the same problem with my M6 (meter light) and it drove me nuts.




I just bought a black Contax T with all its accessories on eBay, it is in very nice condition, working perfectly, apart from 2 little dents on the top cover, what a shame :)

If anyone had a mint black top cover for sale, I would be the happiest Contax T fellow on the whole planet !

Thank you !


New Member
I am looking for a black Contax T which should be in perfect condition (100% working condition with minor scratchs at most). Does anyone have any suggestion? Thanks in advance!!!



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I have been offered a working Contax T (silver) from a dealer for about £400 UKP. It will come with a year g/tee and works. Comes with the flash also but no papers or box. Is this a good deal? The condition of the camera is not too bad, a single heavy mark at the tripod bush mount but that is all. Glass is very good, as is the top plate. I would appreciate any comments.


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Just buy yourself Contax T3 and be done with it. IMHO T3 is muuuuuuuch better camera than T3 .


Hi Vishal,

That price is definitely at the high end for one of these, especially in the less desirable silver finish. If you are willing to pay £400 for a year's worth of service then go for it, but I would counsel a certain amount of caution as these cameras are starting to get a bit old now and although reasonably well-built for a compact they are not Nikkormats. I have two of them, and both have faults.

In the end I have given up and switched to a Minox 35ML because the rangefinder in the T is so hard to use in anything but the best light anyway. If you take away the RF, the T makes a lot less sense compared to the Minoxes or the Rollei 35s, which can be had for less money and are better cameras in various other ways. The main bugbears with the T are the lack of an AE lock and the extremely primitive shutter speed indication.

Anatoly, I wouldn't agree that a T3 is a viable alternative to the original T, because the motor wind means you can't use it in churches, theatres and other places where you can happily shoot away with the T without bothering anyone.


-= mike =-

PS. Vishal, if you are intent on a T, please drop me a direct message as I would be willing to part with both of mine for considerably less than your dealer is asking. I'm based in London if you wanted to see the cameras and assess the seriousness of the faults.


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Hey Mike,

That is very kind of you. I love Contax, for work I use a S2B but really want a nice small camera to keep in my pocket. I have a black T2, currently at Kyocera undergoing a full service, however I find this too big for my pocket. Do you have a Black T? Please email me on to discuss the sale. I am also based in London (WC1).

Many thanks,