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Contax T3 Collection


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Contax T3 w/manual, CC-81 leather case, strap, new batteries, box, and all original packaging. EX

Contax SA-2 Flash Adapter w/ strap, box, and all original packaging. LN-

Contax TLA Flash Extension Cord 100. EX+

Contax Hood Adapter for T3 accepts 30.5 mm filters or metal hood. EX++

Contax TVS II/T3 Metal Hood. EX++ IB

Contax K-34 Metal Cap for Metal Hood. EX++ IB

Contax L39 (UV) 30.5 mm Filter. EX++ IB

Contax CC-82 Semi-Hard Leather Case w/ Leather Strap. EX++

***All grading is based on the KEH scale***

Camera is in 100% working order and only exhibits a few slight signs of (gasp) use. The lens is free and clear of debris and dust and is the absolute sharpest P/S lens ever. This setup can accomodate your favoite Contax TLA flash on or off shoe and is a great backup/insurance camera, just like what many Magnum photogs. use themselves. I would prefer to sell as a set to the first offer at $650 for the whole set, but I'm willing to piece out as necessary. PM me for any further questions or any offers