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Contax T3 focusing problem



After much deliberation and research, I bit the bullet and finally purchased a T3. The first roll came out with several out-of-focus shots in which the subjects were slightly off-center. With a little testing, I discovered that the focus is to the right of center (as I had read, not an uncommon problem). I sent the camera back and now the new one has the same problem. I know I may be rehashing an old subject, but should I just compensate and deal with it? Send it to Contax and hope I get it back by September 13, the day I leave for Maui? I'm afraid to send it back to the vendor again(, because they seem unable to understand the problem.
Mostly I'm just "venting", but would appreciate any practical advice. Also, any recommendations for film to pack for the trip would be nice. (I may also pack my clunker Nikon FM2, haven't decided for sure).



Unfortunately, I can't help you on the focusing problem, but I just purchased a T3 and took it to St. Barth's and couldn't be happier with the end results. I shot Fuji Reala 100, Fuji 200, and Fuji 400 for color prints and Kodak TMax 100 for black and white prints. All of the shots came out beautiful, but the color (surprisingly to me at least) seemed to be best at 200 or 400.

Also, I took shots with and without UV and yellow filters (for black and white) and could not tell much of a difference. That said, I'm an amateur.

Good luck.




I had a different focusing problem with my T3. It wouldn't focus to infinity. I sent it direct to Contax from Canada and had it back in about 3 weeks. Works great now.

Film for vacation? Hmmm!! What's your flavour? So many good films. Assuming you are a colour print shooter, for scenery, I'd say you have to give the new Agfa Ultra 100 a go. Not the cheapest, but the colours will rock your boat for sure. Mind you, I wouldn't recommend it for skin tones etc. There are tons of other "normal" films and probably not a bad one in the bunch. I'd say overall, your choice of labs will make way more difference than your choice of film.

Then again, there's always the wonderful worlds of B&W and transparency. Or better yet, Agfa Scala, the B&W transparency that will make you drool. Does incredible stuff with Zeiss lenses too.

Good luck and enjoy your vacation.

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