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Contax T3 vs Olympus Stylus Epic


Hello everyone!

How are you? Hope you are doing great!

I would like to compare the T3 and Olympus Stylus Epic. Which one do you vote the best? Why?

I do not have a T3 myself. I believe that the T3 is the best because of the carl zeiss glasses. Am I wrong? I did have the Olympus Epic before. I did shot many pictures (about 20 rolls of 36 exp) with it in Europe and all of them came out very good. I could imagine that the T3 will give the best pictures. Actually I have been thinking of buying the T3 some day, maybe soon.

Thank you in advance for your time, opinion and feedback.

Best Regards,
Kian-Guan Au


They're in a completely different league, which you'd expect given that one costs US$700 and the other US$85.

As a point of comparison, I attended a slide show given by a fellow who'd returned from an epic year of backpacking. He carried a Stylus Epic (fixed focal length). The slide quality was acceptable, but didn't really do his trip or his skills as a photographer justice.

The slides I get from the T3, my normal backpacking camera, practically pop off the screen. They show the typical Zeiss contrast, color saturation and crisp focus. While I'd like to claim that the difference is because of my skill, I know better. The T3 is a fantastic little camera.

(OTOH if I dropped a Stylus on a rock or dropped it into a creek, I wouldn't suffer a heart attack.)

I hope this helps.