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Contax TVS II metering


New Member
I have just bought a TVS II.
Next week I'll go to Red Sea for holidays and I don't' have time to get used with the metering system.

Can Someone indicate me some rules of thumb to expose properly on a white beach?
Do I need to over-expose with TVS II?
I normally use Velvia (80%) and Agfa Ultra 100 (20%).

Many thanks,


Well-Known Member
You can always use the sea to meter off , but do be VERY careful that you arent gettng any bright reflections to put the meter off its stride - personally I wouldnt use Velvia [depending on what you are going to shoot] its too contrasty for those bright conditions . Not sure what exp. controls the TVS has , but I expect exp. lock and a small grey card would be very useful! Steve


Well-Known Member
I have often shot at Eilat and caution that there is a high degree of UV this time of year that can effect your meter. Use a gray card and bracket 1/2 to 1 stop down with negative film.


Hi. I'll be photographing outdoor night markets in Asia with my T3 for a magazine article. I'd be interested in comments - my current favourite is Agfa Ultra 100 for great colour saturation. But I think I may need a faster film. Thanks