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Contax TVSD resolution


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TVS Resolution

Hi, I am confused about the quality aspect of the TVSD. I have shot two pictures both at 2560x1920 with one on Normal the other on Fine. When I open both images using PaintShopPro, they have identical dimensions (not surprising) but they also have the same dpi (72) and colour depth and the only difference is the file size - the fine setting produces a larger file.

Furthermore, it would appear the maximum print I can get from either of these images (assumming a print dpi of 300) is 8.5" by 6.4". I get these figures by changing the resolution in PSP from 72 to 300.

I aware I might be doing something wrong but I cant see how people claim image sizes of 10" by 8" unless they print at < 300.

Any advice would be appreciated.


>Hello, Stuart,

if 'Normal' and 'Fine' differ only in file size, it means that they are compressed with J-peg using different quality levels. I believe you can see the difference inspecting fine details in PS at 100% magnification.

Yes, you can not print 10*8 with 300 dpi, however this resolution is not a standard, different printers will give optimal results with different resolutions. I believe that buble jet printers do not resolve much more than 200 dpi.



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Hi Sergiy,

Thank you very much. Things make more sense now. I shall try and find out the optimum resolution for my printer (it is a bubble jet-the Canon i950) and work from there.




Has anyone had the chance to test out the red-eye reduction capabilities of the TVS? I am thinking of buying one to add to my ND for times when the ND is just to big to carry around. This would be mostly for taking snapshots of friends and family at special events, where flash and red-eye reduction would be essential. Thanks.



" reduction would be essential."

Uh, Diane, do you not have Photoshop? I know it's a pain, but the only way to get rid of red-eye is to move the flash away from the lens. The ND works great for that, but it's tank. Photoshop, however, takes up zero space. I shoot a Hassy 503 but am considering a Minolta Xt for the same thing you want the TVSD for, but I also expect to make copius of layers & curves in Photoshop to fix red-eye.


I do have Photoshop, but would rather not have to waste all of my time correcting red-eye. A friend of mine has a small Canon digital and has almost no red-eye right out of the camera. That works for me.