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Contax U4R, SL300RT (Wanted)


Active Member
As anyone in the UK got a Contax U4R they no longer use and would like to sell. It must be in full working order as it will be used every week if i cannot find the Contax U4R i would consider the SL300RT or even the Finecam version if i must.
Have you got a Contax U4R and no longer need it and want it to go to a loving home then thats me i have a SL300RT and love it to bits but its broken.



Active Member
I bought a Contax U4R from Hong Kong
Now a happy owner of a fully working
Contax TVS and the Contax U4R and if eve i win the lottery i will buy a N1 digital but until then i am a proud owner of two Contax cameras.

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The only software updates for the TVS and U4R