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Contax Zeiss Planar 50 1,5 MMJ Ninja Star??


New Member
Hi all,

I recently purchased a Planar 50 1,4 MMJ in really good condition (see photos attached). The only thing I wonder about: although it's an MMJ (which means there should not be any ninja star in the blades or bokeh as far as I know), at f2, there clearly is.

Is this possible for an MMJ version or could it be a scam? Maybe because it was build in the transition phase from AEJ to MMJ?
Any experiences with this here?

Looking forward to hear from you!

Greetings Philipp


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Well-Known Member
My MMJ has no cut out visible between the blades at F2. It has a later serial number but still in the 687 range. My AE has a rather more pronounced cut out between the blades at F2, it also has a consistent cut out at each blade, yours does not appear to have a consistent cut out to me. My guess is it is an MM that has maybe been repaired.


New Member
Sounds reasonable. I saw the inconsistency in the blades too.
Do you think that this could be fixed by servicing the lens?


Well-Known Member
My guess is that it doesn't not have the right blades in. So I suspect that it would require more than a service, does it work ok.