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Controlling SD14 from PC


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Hi to all!
I'm new to the Sigma world(ex-Nikonist) and I was wondering if there is any way of controlling my SD14 through PC (USB cable) for taking time-lapse photography. On my Nikons I worked with just an USB cable and Nikon's Camera Control Pro or DIYPhotobits Camera Control(for D40x).


Hello copilus,
welcome to the forum.
Sorry,but there is no way to control the Camera via USB and computer.
There are some proposals for a release-timer.
One is found here,original designed for Canon,but I have it work on the SD14.
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Look for HDR-jack


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I use an intervalometer by JJC for my time lapse work. You can find 6 sales on ebay for it as I write this, just run a search for "JJC SD14".

I do not know if I ran into a one time wiring error or if these are assembled wrong for the SD14, but I have a post here on how to rewire it if you run into problems:

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I've completed three time lapse videos and I have threads here:

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which all point to my Vimeo pages. Even with a free account, I found Vimeo provides a far better video quality than YouTube.

I do have two additional time lapse sequences that I've shot and just need to complete them, A tea bag seeping in water and mushrooms growing.

If you have an interest in astronomical time lapse, I also have threads here on the subject of astrophotography. Just so you can be prepared, SD14 astrophotography can be a challenge, I'm still working to develop the proper techniques and climbing the learning curve for AIP4Win.

BTW, it's nice to find another SD14 time lapse photographer. As far as I can tell, we are the only ones.


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I've been working on a few projects...for the SD-14....this is one I have not started yet...but if you find something out please let me know...

Tony C.


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Thank you all. This forum is excellent. There's so many hacks and tweaks for SIGMA that even Canon/Nikon users shuld be be impressed.
P.S. Sorry for my bad english.