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Conversion of G lenses to M mount


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Someone asked me about the question of using Biogon G21 on Canon 5D with an adaptor.

The answer to that question is no and yes.

If you are thinking about using the kind of adaptor like C-Y 21 on 5D, It is not possible to use G21 on 5D. G21 is designed to use much closer to the film. If you look at G1 and G2 camera, you should notice that this is the case. If you are mounting the Biogon on the 5D, you will have to remove the mirror and the Canon mount in order to put the lens in the working distance. The answer is no.

However, I have seen people using M mount lenses on Leica R camera. They don't remove the mirror and the mount ring in order to do that. They have a device consisted of a lens system put between the M mount lenses and the camera.

If you really wish to use the G21 on 5D, you will need to find someone to design the lens system for you.

There are many alternatives to your plan. You could fit Leica 21-35 in 5D, DJ Garcia in this forum do that and get good results.

G21 on G1G2, ZM21 on any full frame film camera including Voigtlander, Zeiss Ikon and Leica will give a result better than 5D if you have a good scanner.

You will get even better results if you go medium format and large format.

I would rather answer questions here than in private. Answering these questions take time.