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Conversion of SD15/SD14 to Sony mount?



I guess this is a question for Luis:

Is there a possibility to convert a Sigma SD14 or SD15 to Sony-Minolta mount?

I use already different Zeiss ZS lenses with my SD14, but there are some interesting Zeiss lenses available only with Sony Alpha mount (Zeiss 16-35/2.8, 24-70/2.8 and 135/1.8)

And I have a Sony Alpha 850 and some other Sony lenses too, which I could then use.

best wishes


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I have asked Luis this very question about conversions to either Sony/Minolta MA mounts or Minolta MD/MC lenses....

What I have been told it is similar to the Sigma to FD mount...

He let me know that it was not advantageous for him to creat this mount at this time...but if the FD mount has movement then he would look into it.

Picture of camera and FD adapter from
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Just like you Dirk...I have an A900/a700/ - a100/a200 converted to IR - and like the Sony/Minolta System...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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And again, we have the exact same interests :z04_bier01:

As far as I understood it, the mount of the SD15 is identical of the SD14 mount. So this mount conversion would be interesting, since both, SD14 users and SD15 users coulkd use it.

This is important for Luis, since in the long run, the work is worth it and not a lost investment. IMHO it is very unlikely that Sigma will introduce a SD16 over the next 12-18 months. At least it would be not in line with the recent productcycles.

I will have a meeting with Sigma in a couple of weeks, so we'll see what the future strategy will be. But of course I will not be allowed to communicate everything that I hear or see :z04_nein1:

Let's see what Luis will tell us...

Best wishes


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Dirk...I will have to disagree with the statement of an SD16...(Don't know what it is called..) but if you look at a Camera's life-cycle...and the fact that the SD15 should have been out 12 months or more ago...

I think Sigma may have a suprise for us at Photokina 2010....I we are that the gap of a nother major mod...for the SD line... SD9/SD10 then SD14/SD15 so SD19...?? Just following there old scheme...I think they have played the current Foveon Sensor....and unless they do something radical they will just be a nitch....

Three interesting things:

1) Sony Patent on a Foveon type sensor...
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2) Oly and Pentax also have similar patents for Foveon like sensors...

3) If they don't at least anounce a Proto-Type new camera...They will not be able to say they were ther first....I don't think they have to have a working proto-type just have to anounce and show everyone what they are working on...

I guess we have a month to wait...:z04_whis_gummikau02

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


wow, that would be a big step if Sony would come out with a Foveon like sensor. As soon as the AA Filter is gone in a Sony DSLR, the likelyhood that they achive a similar Sigma effect is very high.

IMHO 80% of the so called Sigma effect is because the SD line does not have an AA filter. I saw images of Leica M8 that have beens very close to the Sigma effect and the Leica M8 does not have an AA filter neither.

But obvioulsy, I prefer not to pay the price tag for the Leica :)

Sony has the power - also financially - to make a big step foward, IF they would a similar sensor...

I am missing only a full frame Sigma (for DOF) and maybe slightly mor MP. Let's say 6 or 8 MP for each layer. This would be already enough.

If competitions would offer this before Sigma with a simlar sensor, Sigma would have real problems in DSLR sales in the future...

Best wishes


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My wishlist would include (in addition to the above) tethered remote control. I do a lot of copystand work and nothing makes that job easier than being able to see what the camera sees and to have access to all the camera's controls while sitting down.