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Coolpix 800how to copy pics to HD and retrieve



I just recently (obviously) upgraded my computer from a windows 98 to a Dell with XP.
Can someone tell me how to copy the pictures to my hard drive.
Using the software from Nikon ( I upgraded Nikon View via a download to version 3 from 2 I believe and after all the thumbnails were on my screen I selected all of them and 'dragged' them to my newly created folder on "C"
When I went to look for them they were not there.
By the way, My camera is connected to the computer via a serial this the problem?
It took over an hour to make the copy to the new folder and you can well imagine my delight when I explored there and found....NOTHING.


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I know EXACTLY how to cure your problems.

Get a CF card reader (USB style) and start plugging your card into it instead of wasting your batteries and frustrating yourself.

XP interacts with card readers just sees it as a removable drive. Their dirt cheap....under 20 can pick them up at camera stores.....and even office supply stores have them (Like Office Depot)

and man o man...does it save the headaches your feeling right now.

: )



Thanks for the advice but there's 2 little problems.
1. My Nikon came only with a serial attachment so I would have to find a usb one somewhere...assuming there is a plug-in location for one
2. Right now I have a power adaptor for the camera so there is no battery consumption at all...just my time.
My brother uses such a device and had I had a usb port at the time I would have as well but...
What I would really like to know is HOW to save them to the HD and where will they be saved to.
Thank you for your advice and I intend to do that sometime in the future but for the present there MUST be a way to save them usiong the serial port.


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Maybe your not understanding...Or I didnt explain it well.

The compact flash card (the media you record to) is removable from your camera. Basicly its a hard drive without any moving parts.... You eject the media and put it in the card reader (the card reader is what is USB)...and now have a new drive you can copy your photos from to where ever you wish on your computer. Put your media back in your camera....format it to wipe the photos you just saved to your computer and keep on shooting. (I am assuming you know how to copy files from one drive in a computer to another)

I have never needed to hook my camera directly to my computer...never needed to. (but I can see a reason to if you want to do your own firmware update...but thats the only reason I can see)

The software is notorious for incompatabilities with diffrent Operating Systems....and as a computer technician....I always find the easiest route to work.

You can still use your software (if you can get it to load properly) on the photos.




In WinXP go to Start, Search, then you have two options: a) search for pictures, music or videos or b) search all files and folders. If you select (b) you can use e.g. *.jpeg. If you stick to Nikon Viewer, then click on "folder" then "transfer destination" and you will find out the default folder it is using, or "open with explorer". On the other hand, perhaps you can take out the CF card from your camera and use the card reader Roman is suggesting, but given your response, I don't know if that's possible with your camera.


I guess I didn't make myself clear enough....I know what a flash card is and I know where it goes and i'm aware that I could buy a card reader HOWEVER there are still the same camera does not to my knowledge have a usb port and secondly the camera DID come with a serial cable connector and it DID work on windoes 98. What I would like to know is exactly how to copy the pictures to my HD using what I have available now..which is a serial port connector to the camera. The Nikon site offers me an upgrade to the Nikon View program which THEY acknowledge is for a serial connection.
I have searched for all and any jpg's and they don't seem to be anywhere...that is what stumps me.
There is only 1 serial port on the back of my computer so it couldn't be plugged in the wrong place. It appears, from the huge amount of time required, that it is in fact copying the pictures but.....
Sorry to be a noodnick but I'm must be my method of saving or a HUGE incompatability problem which Nikon isn't aware of.


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Um....I dont think you get dont attach the card reader to the camera (you seem stuck that your camera dosnt have a usb port)....of course it dosnt...The reader attaches to your COMPUTER (not the camera).....and you take the card out of your camera...put it in your reader (which is attached to your computer)...and is treated like another if you have a D: drive for your would now have an E: drive for your card reader when the media is plugged in)

I deal with this EVERY day...Im a technician for a very large insurance company and we have a LOT of agents that use cameras. This truly is the easiest way to go....(unless you like the frustration of getting your old stuff to work with your new computer).



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Hi: I got a problem, i have taken near 200 photos with my nikon 2100 and now i recive an error message that tell me that the card is not formatted?, i dont want to lose mi photos, i don't want to format the memory, does anybody knows how to recover the memory?


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Sandisk came out with a little program called Rescue Pro and it worked on a CF card I was having problems with. the link to buy the software is:
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I had a card that would not respond, ran this and recoverd over 60 pics from it.

Will it work for you?......dont know, but it did what it was supposed to for me.