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Coolpix 990 gives no sign of life



What could it be?
No drop, no scuba diving activities with it, just suddenly no reaction after switching it on?

Thanx for the help


New Member
Hi Drazen,
Had a similar thing happen to my 990. Exact chain of events was as follows
1)change the monitor setting from always on to review
2)take 2 shots in quick succession
3)switch to play to look at them
4)screen shows "system error"
5)Switch off & on, camera dead, no life
6)try another CF card, works OK
7)format 1st card in CF adaptor on PC
8)this card now allows camera to start
9)format card in camera, now OK

I tried to get this to happen again by changing the Monitor settings, but so far it has worked faultlessly. Try this if you havnt already.
Keep us posted on the result!

Regards, Peter