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Correct exposure when shoting the Sun


Active Member
It sounds strange to shot the Sun, but this evening, the clouds looked strange when the Sun's light touched them so, I've tried to shot them.
The camera (SD14)was set on Program Auto, ISO 200, AWB and the 18-200 DC OS mounted on it. The camera calculated the exposure from 5" to 30" seconds giving, you gwesed, perfect white shots. I've tried in Aperture priority and the results where the same.
What went wrong?
And, by the way, does anyone know why the camera overexposes when shoting red (roses)?

Sorry for the english!


Active Member
Thanks Oyvind. I've read your compendium even before buyig the SD14.
In some ways I'm missing the D40x but still, I'll never go back to Bayer sensors. Anyway, I'm hoping for the SD15 to worth upgrading...


Well-Known Member
I've occasionally run into situations where I got white frames, just switch to manual and reduce the EV by adjusting shutter speed and aperture. Shoot and check the histogram and detail in the image until you get what you were wanting.

BTW, this happened to me when I was first shooting through my 300um pinhole. I under estimated the amount of light it captured, resulting in white frames.


Active Member
Well Steaphany, I knew that shoting on manual would resolve the problem, but there are many situations where there's no time to set your camera. And I kind of use to take many shots (eventually using burst) and choosing the best at home, so I hardly use the color LCD. On many cameras there's an
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that can easily be used to expose manually, but that remains on my wishlist (Oyvind, maybe you should put it in your compendium in the wishlist for SD15 or, at least SD15+).