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Correct use of Sigma 70-300 DG on Marco setting


New Member
Am I using this lens correctly for macro shots? I have a Sigma 200-300 1.4-5.6 DG lens. I have extended the lens to 300mm and set the switch to Macro and turned the mode dial to close up and switched to M for manual focus. It appears I can move the ring between 200 & 300mm and manual focus the subject using the smaller ring

I’m using a Canon SLR D20 body

Thanks in advance

Andreas Friebe

New Member
Hey fstop,

it is correct, the macro range is available between 200 and 300mm. The autofocus is still working for the complete range, if you want.

It is the same with my 70-300 using on a Sigma Body.



New Member
I’m practicing so I can use this lens and feel like I will get some good pictures. The depth of field is very sensitive. I was taking a picture of the inside of a tulip the pistol and stamen portion which were in focus but the leaves were blurred some. I’m still having to learn manual vs auto focus, manual seems to be the best setting.

Guest .

Hi fstop,

the 200mm-300mm macro range is very difficult to be managed freehanded.

It is a good idea to use a flashlight for two reasons.

First, the flash provides very short exposure times and second you get enogh light to be able to slow down aperture.

So you will be able to have a much wider depth of field.

Have a look
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if you like. In post (5) I show a flashlight arrangement which will work with the 70-300mm MACRO as well. Sample pictures are attached.

See you with nice pictures