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Correcting Wiring of a JJC TM-Series Timer Remote


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When I received my JJC TM-Series Multi-Function Timer Remote Control it did not function.


When the manual shutter button was pressed half way, my SD14 would immediately focus and trigger the shutter. When I entered a timer configuration, setting the Delay, Bulb or Shutter open period, interval, and Count, the SD14 just sat there as if nothing was going on.

I did some reverse engineering and compared the JJC TM-Series Multi-Function Timer Remote Control to my Sigma CR-21 Cable Release.

The JJC cable has three wires connecting the plug to the remote and they connect to the SD14 as shown:


If your JJC TM-Series Multi-Function Timer Remote Control behaves as mine did, here is a simple test. Using an Ohm meter, avoid using a continuity tester which may test with higher voltages, measure the resistance as shown:


If you read Zero Ohms, then you will need to open the remote's case and alter the terminal where the Shutter Trigger wire connects to the circuit board. Make sure that you remove the batteries before removing the screws holding the case together. I recommend that you confirm which lead is which in case JJC switched suppliers and is using a cable with a different color code. On my JJC TM-Series Multi-Function Timer Remote Control, the Shutter was on the Red wire and JCC shipped my remote with the Red Wire connected to the GND terminal along with the White. Desolder the Red wire from the GND terminal, making sure that the White common wire remains soldered properly. Then solder the Red to a new position on the PCB as shown here:


Reassemble the case and everything should be working fine. My JJC TM-Series Multi-Function Timer Remote Control's Shutter release button correctly operates with the focus on a half press and fires the shutter on a complete press. The timer functions also operate fully. Please note that I am not responsible if JCC ships multiple versions or multiple designs of their TM-Series Multi-Function Timer Remote Control differing from mine. The above photos and repair instructions is based solely on the single JJC TM-Series Multi-Function Timer Remote Control that I purchased for my personal use.


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Thanks for detailed information and images!

[size=-1]Generally, any Canon compatible remote cable release should work after resoldering these signal wires. Additionally Sigma needs both contacts to be closed to fire shutter, for Canons single contact is likely enough - some 3rd party release cables may thereby not work.[/size]