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Corrupt X3F files from SD15


New Member

Yesterday almost half of my files we damaged/corrupted as anyone can imagine this was very disappointing. I have experienced a small amount of damaged files perviously and re-installed the firmware making sure that the downloaded firmware file (1.02) remained on the SD card. It seemed to have solved the problem but yesterday having shot over 100 photos over 40 were damaged.

Have any group members experienced multiple corrupt X3F files, does anyone have any suggestions before I fork out for a new SD card.

I currently use a SanDisk ExtremePro (45MB/s 8GB), Any views/Advice would be welcome.




Well-Known Member

If you can Sandisk...let them know what is going on...they may just send you a replacement may have to send your card to them...or give them a CC to ship one to you...and then return the bad one...everybody forgets these cards have a lifetime warrantee on them... :z04_yes:

I had to do that on a Kingston CF card about two years ago...I thought it was the camera...Kignston did an advanced exchange...gave me 15 days to return the bad one...or they would charge the CC...

This may be an alternative route...Good Luck....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: