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Could Have Been Better with Foveon


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Haha! I'm going to say that in my title, but I will have to first get initiated into the RAW processing of Sigma imaging!

I am showing this scan of a Velvia slide to show that even though film can be VERY good for colors, it seems to fade in dynamic range, especially when going through all the step of scanning and web sizing, etc.

This is a falls very near my home, so I will be using the SD-14 probably right away to make an image.

Yet again, I wanted to show the plethora of dynamic range that may do very well with the SD-14. This image is NOT what I REALLY want, though it is a beautiful subject.


  • Spray Falls 5x7.jpg
    Spray Falls 5x7.jpg
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That's some waterfall, Laurence! BTW, I too used to be "mesmerized" by Velvia.

And you are right, select ISO50 and let your first "roll" of Foveon "film" loose on that scene and BE amazed.

Sincere regards, Jim R


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Not that I'm not mesmerized by Velvia myself...I have some great enlargements from Velvia film with depth and clarity. But...dimensionality, no dice.

Of course, I'll not give up film because I simply enjoy using it...sort of a more "hand on" approach with photography, especially black and white.

But yes, I am anxious to get the SD-14 to work. I have a lot to learn. And if the SD-14 works HALF as hard as Flash the Chair Guard, them I'm in business!

Guest .

Hi Laurence,

a wonderful picture!

Do you remember your shutter speed?! (EXIFF data are something wonderful!)

Well chosesn anyway. The water is flowing like velvit!

See you with nice landscapes