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Covent Garden

Guest .

Hi All,

I would like to show some photos from a world-metropolis, I like very much and I normally visit at least once a year, which is multicultural, lively, colourful and photogenic at the same time. Well, I am talking about London UK.:z04_yes:

Right in the middle of Central London there is.....

Covent Garden:

Originally, Covent Garden used to be a historic food-market which was mentioned first in the Roman age.

Today, it ist a fantastic place to take street shots ... many artists and street acrobats try to entertain people and tourists of course. Sure, most of them want to make some money on the side ... anyway ... let us have a look.

I took these photos in 2007 with my SD10. My lens was the 18-200mm 3,5-6,3 DC ... the old version without OS. Many of the shots are ISO 800 ... by the way mentioned.

Sample 34.jpg

Sample 35.jpg

Sample 36.jpg

Sample 37.jpg

Sample 38.jpg

Sample 1.jpg

Sample 2.jpg

Sample 3.jpg

to be continued ....:)

Guest .

Hi all,

I am just back from London. It was just a day .... a wonderful one this Saturday.:)

I simply like London. This year's visit was nice, vivid, colourful, and exciting ... as all the many other visits I spent in this wonderful metropolis.

Anyway, there is one place, I never miss in London ... Covent Garden ... this thread is about. Just have a look, what was on this time ....;)

All pictures are done with SIGMA cameras (of course!)

SD14 / SIGMA 18-200mm DC OS

SD9 / SIGMA 10-20mm EX DC

sample 34.JPG

sample 35.JPG

sample 26.jpg

sample 28.jpg

sample 32.jpg

sample 13.jpg

sample 16.jpg

sample 18.jpg

Well .... the last shot, I would call "the flying spoon" ...;) be continued ...

Guest .

.... it took the artist three attempts ... finally to "land" the spoon ...:)

sample 19.jpg

sample 21.jpg

Conclusion: Those many who always claim that a SIGMA cannot do snapshots are taught differently now ... it works ... and it works well.:p

I got the "flying spoon" very accurately at exactly the right moment ... just handling the camera precisely.

I do not need 10 pics/s ... I need the right "click" for releasing the shutter!

These shots clearly prove that SIGMA's shutter-delay is brilliantly short.

London was fun!!

I am going to post other shots the other day ... just go there ... and take your SIGMA with you!!

See you with nice pictures