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crippled lens mount


New Member
Hi Folks. I have the k10 and i'm trying to work out how my 35mm lens will work with this body. I have enabled the aperature in Settings. This enables me to use 'A' lens when the aperature ring is set to the 'A' mark. I have a prime 200mm lens with no 'A' setting. I have read a lot of literature but am still somewhat confused. Do I understand that with this 200mm lens I can use it but the aperature will remain wide open, this being f4.0 with this lens? Am I correct in understanding that the only way I can take successful shots is to adjust the speed in relation to the f4.0 setting bearing in mind the light conditions. I apologise for my dotage. This is all a big learning curve for me...regards Ron.


Active Member

Hi Ron.
I use a 500mm f8 mirror manual lens sometimes. Just set your camera to Aperture Priority (Av) and switch to manual focus, if it's not AF. If your 200mm lens has other apertures you can use these too in Av mode. Whatever the aperture the camera will set the correct speed.
You can use all your lenses, I often switch between manual, auto and digital, you just have to remember to change the settings.


New Member
crippled mount.

Thanks for your response. You can read your manual a thousand times and then miss the obvious. Followed your advice and can now use all my lens. On the K10d there is a little green button that will set the correct exposure. This is helpful and allows you to work off this for creative shots. When the weather gets better I can experiment. Thanks again for your interest...regards Ron.