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CZ Help - Which mount is this ?

I have inherited an old CZ Triotar 135mm f4 and cannot identify the mount.

The end of the lens protrudes about 10mm beyond the bayonet and the total diameter of the throat will be about 50mm including the bayonet lugs

Please see these images for clues

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If its a lens worth keeping I would like to use it on a Canon DSLR - would an adapter we available anywhere for it?


Hello highdetail and welcome to the Forum. Sorry that it's taken a long time for me to see your message, so you may already know the answer. It's a Praktina mount (not to be confused with Praktica) and I'm not aware of any adapter made for it. However, do check out:
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as he has made his own adapter and might be able to help; there could be others out there too. The lens is pretty fair though I fear chroma issues may appear in bright light.
Good luck!
And I just saw your reply from 2012. An adapter for Praktina to Canon would be very welcome regardless of chroma issues, this is a classic lens. Balated thanks for your reply.