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D2x tethered to an Imacg4 125 ghz



I just purchased a D2x and is tethered to an Imac g4 1.25ghz with 1024 megs of ram and running on capture 4.4 It seems to take forever to transfer the data to the computer and to do anything with a nef or a jpeg,it just runs slow, Is there anyone out there doing this with a windows unit or the intel macs and if so is the performance good or is it still slow



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I have the D2X & D1X and a Intel Mac - I am getting fair results with reference to the speed of transfer. On editing I use Nikon View 6 and Photoshop CS2 - the editing is a bit slow but for the size of the files I am working with that can be expected. I shoot everything in NEF RAW and depending on the usage I generally bump the size up to the largest file in the drop down box - Like 26+MP. I also use a COMPAQ Presario M2000 when shooting in the field and it handles the files pretty well from the card reader... Hope you work this problem out and wish I could be more help. Keith


Rupert, you might take you question to the Apple Support area. It's free, just search a bit and you'll find someone that knows.