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D50 sports photo's HELP


New Member
I do Sports Photography with a Nikon D50, and a 55-200 Lens and also have a 18-55 lens. Right now I am shooting basketball in a gymnasium with poor lighting and when I use my speedlight SB-600 I can get decent shots but I want a better shot. I have been told by some others to set Aperture at 2.8 and Shutter Speed at 600-1,000. Still they come out blurry. What's the best settings for this camera with Gymnasium Lighting and high speed action shots???

Any tips would be grateful !



Well-Known Member
Hi Nunnboys,

how do you get an aperture of 2.8 with you lenses?

Have a look at my answers in this thread:
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There a state some possible solutions. I used the Sigma 50-150/2.8, but often gyms are too dark, even for my D80 + ISO800 + 2.8, derfore I'm intending to buy a Nikon 85/1.8 in the near future.