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D70 and 1870 Quirks


New Member
I recently uprgraded my 801 to a D70 with the 18-70 kit lens. I really like this camera so far, but there are a few quirks I need to work out.

The first is the infinity setting on the lens. If you go all the way to the hard stop on manual focus, it is actually past infinity and becomes blurry. Does anybody know why Nikon did this. On all my other lenses infinity is at the hard stop, not a big deal but annoying.

The second is the AF setting, I'm not getting consistent results with AF-S, I'm leary to go with AF-C because I like to find my subject, focus and re-compose. I find this to be faster and easier than with the focus areas. I guess I'm just going to have to learn to use them, I'll get better metering that way too. What setting seems to work best for the AE/AF-L.

I know I'll figure it out, I just have to keep shooting. Not a problem with digital when you get to see your results right away, I'm finding my pictures to be much better because of the ability to re-shoot poor exposures and compositions.

Thanks in advance for the input


New Member
I am unable to obtain good depth of field using Aperture Priority at F22 with the 18-70 zoom lens! My primary subject is 14 inches from the lens and the secondary is 26 inches away and the secondary is not in focus!

Any suggestions appreciated


Active Member
> John, you may be asking too much of the DOF physics. Focus a little behind the 14" subject--remember the 2/3 rule of DOF. Focusing behind the subject will get the far subject in the field of focus, the field will also include the foreground. You don't always have to have the foreground in focus at f/22 or greater. >