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D70 MLL%23 Remote Substitute



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I recently purchased a D70 and have an almost immediate need for an ML-L3 infrared remote for it. Unfortunately, none seem available anywhere, locally or internet. Having an electronics background, I decided to experiment with a cheap, universal TV/VCR/Cable infrared remote. My testing was successful at about half the cost of the Nikon remote! It's larger than the Nikon unit, but it will do until they're available.

1. RCA Universal 3 device remote, model RCR311W purchased at a local U.S. WalMart store for US$8.00.
2. This remote uses four digit "program" codes to access TV/VCR/Cable device functions.
3. I started with the first TV code, 1001 and attempted to operate the D70 shutter. No luck. I then tested codes in succession. Several codes allowed me to operate the shutter with the rewind button on the remote, but it's a small button.
4. I entered code 1066, a code that is only used to operate some Sears model TV sets.
5. With this code, the remote's on/off button operates the D70 shutter flawlessly. One press opens the shutter, the next press closes it!
6. Programming this remote is straight forward.

a. Press and hold the TV button
b. Press 1, 0, 6, and 6 keys
c. Release the TV button (the on/off key illumination extinguishes when you start entering the numbers and will relight when the fourth number has been entered)

Use the remote just like you would the Nikon dedicated remote. The D70 instruction manual has complete details on using the remote function.

If trying to program another brand/model remote, use the brands list supplied with it and choose codes relating to a Sears TV. This remote listed 24 different codes for Sears TV sets.

Good luck and happy shooting!