D7D do you love it


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Hi All

Well, I got my D7D late November and I'm loving it

As roughly predicted I paid £949 for it here in the UK.

So far all my old lenses work without any problems and the build quality of the camera is far better than I had expected, really high end.

The colour output of the 7D is something to get excited about too

AS is very impressive and I am using it much more often than I had expected to. In fact now that I have it, I don't think I'd want to be without on any future purchase!

The worst thing about owning one of these, is that some lenses you thought where reasonably good quality, turn out to be average at best!

This machine really shows up poor glass, my 50mm F1.7 is tack sharp, but my Sigma 70-300mm Apo is really soft.
I'm now looking for a nice 80-200mm F2.8

Now is everyone else finding their 7D?




> Well I'm enjoying mine. People have a point in that I don't think the

> 7D is going to win converts to KM. But for those of us who were > already bought in to KM lenses it is fantastic beast. I'm glad I > waited and didn't take the plunge to change systems to Canon. That > said, i have found a bug. Several times the camera has started in a

> false mode when using the Vertical Control Grip. I've posted a bug > report, so here's hoping for new firmware.


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I too love my new 7D. As a novice, I am not sure which lenses to purchase. I like to photo grandkids at play. Any suggestions?

Thanks in avance,



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I have an AF 70-210 and an AF 35-80 which I purchased when I bought my MAXXUM QTsi several years ago.

Thanks for your reply-Peg


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Hi Peg

Since the 7D has a 1.5x factor on any 35mm lens used with it, your 35-80 becomes a 50-120.
The 70-210 becomes a 105-315.

It seems to me your light at the wideangle end with the 7D.

I would suggest you try the KM 17-35 (27-50 in 35mm angle of view) or if that lens is outside your budget, Sigma do an 18-50 (28-75) for around £99

Either should give you the range to be able to zoom out, when your grand kids take a run in close to you.

If your old 70-210 is the Minolta F4 version, I hear it does really well with the 7D

Hope that helps.


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Your welcome Peg

Here's a bit of info for everyone:

I hear that KM have released new firmware for the 7D, version 1.10.

The firmware (available from KM websites worldwide) adds a few new options to the playback menu.

Increases card write speed to around 3x faster than present.(one of the things complained about in reviews was the slow write speeds compared to the Canon 20D etc)

Version 1.10 also allows the camera to be connected directly to a PC or laptop (with Dimage Transfer software) and images downloaded to the computer as you take them. No need for a cf card, load the images direct to the PC hardrive and take as many as you wish

This is useful for many professional purposes, but I can see a use for it in serious portaiture.
take your pictures and see them instantly on a 14" or 15" laptop screen, is an appealing thought!

The Dimage Transfer program, is available for FREE download from KM websites........excellent!


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Really love my 7D though a lot of things make me hate it as well.
Focus is a BIG problem that before the upgrade, I could hardly focus esp with fast lenses (in contrary to recent Japanese CAPA analysis where the research said both 20D and 7D needed lenses faster than 2.8f to open the cetral faocus centre).


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Hi Mark_k

Sorry to hear that, I can't say the same exactly, I did have some focus issues at first, but it was a learning experience for me. (I'm not suggesting that's the same for you)

Focus is now very accurate even with long lenses.

What focus options are you using and what type of subject.

I use to have some trouble with fast moving bird photography, but that was down to me not keeping the bird on a sensor and getting the background sky focused instead.
As I got better so did the focusing



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Hey guys,

I've been looking at purchasing the 7D as a new-to-DSLR user. I'm impressed by it's features and it's design.

I'm less enamoured with Minolta's zoom lens selection. Their overall lens selection for zooms is pretty low, and I don't have the financial outlay to purchase the G versions. One lens I have been looking at is their 70-210 f/4. Can someone who has used this lens on a 7D comment on the following areas for me?

1) Sharpness and contrast
2) AF speed and accuracy in all light conditions(my biggest concern)
3) Interaction with AS




Hi David

Welcome to the Forum.

I can't pass direct comment on the Minolta zoom as I use a Sigma in that zoom range. I would advise you not to be put off by Minolta's range. They don't have the scattergun selection of a Canon, but what they have covers the needs of most and are universally good. Anything you don't find you can usually find in Sigma, including D type lenses.

So, 1) - I cannot directly comment on the lens. It will not be let down by the camera, though. (Be aware that the D7 does not use much in camera sharpening, this is a Good Thing, but may make you question the performance in a superficial head to head with a canon. 2) AF speed and accuracy on all the lenses I have is excellent in terms of accuracy, if you can see it in the viewfinder, the camera seems to be able to grab it. It did OK with an IR illuminator as well, which is surprising since the camera is c##p at IR! I have to say the speed is a little slow, but that is the camera, not the lens. 3) With AS every lens I have from Minolta and Sigma work stunningly well. In fact this was the selling point for me.




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Hi everyone,
I was thinking of getting the D7D but the slow 1/4000 shutter is a turn off. How do you compensate for this in bright areas and you want to isolate the subject.


Slow? I guess it's all relative. I shoot with all-mechanical SRTs, and the fastest shutter I've ever used is 1/1000. (I seldom use film faster than ISO 100) If the scene is too bright, I'll either stop down, use a slower film, or slap a ND filter on the lens. These should apply to DSLRs also.


I agree with Bob. If you need a higher shutter speed, set the effective ISO to a lower value. One of the most versatile things about DSLR in my view is the capability to have every shot at a different ISO. No more swearing on outdoor shoots when the light changes
Also, for contrasty subjects, don't forget Zone mode on the ISO. That seems to do something like setting different ISO values across the sensor based on the relative brightnesses of the zones. Coupled with RAW import into Photoshop, that is a very very nice toy. Sorry. Tool.



I am over the moon with mine so far, (two weeks old, I got £100.00 off and a free vertical control grip from the "Focus on Imaging" show in Birmingham U.K.).
I already had the Dynax7 film camera with 24-105, 75-300, 50-1.7 and 85-1.4 lenses. The 85mm is totaly amazing on the D7D!! The 24-105 is nice as well, but I have not had a chance to really try out the other two lenses as yet....



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I have had my 7D for a month now, and loving it. It's my first DSLR. Will likely last me for a lllooonnnngggggg time.


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Having used a Maxxum 7000 for many years, I have been awaiting the day where I could use my AF lenses with a digital camera body and the 7D fits the bill. I've had it only a month, but have been impressed with its physical construction.

There is one thing that I think I'm missing. The continuous bracketing works just as I would expect, 3 or 5 sequential shots with the shutter depressed. Everything I've read in the manual indicates this should work the same way with the flash turned on. While the bracketing works, I have to press and release the shutter for each image. The software version installed is 1.10u.

Any thoughts?


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John Zinn...

The reason that the flash will not "auto" bracket is because the flash must RECHARGE each time. This is the same as the Maxxum 7 35MM and the same as how the Flash Bracket Card worked on the "i" series Maxxums.