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Date and hour on SD10


Hello folks!

I bought a SD10 a few months ago and I am very satisfied with IQ. One thing though has been bugging me... Each time I remove the batteries, the date and hour reset to 00:00, January 1st 2001. I almost always forget to update the info and my pictures are obviously not at the correct date and hour... Is there a small battery inside I need to change?




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sebastien.....that I know of there is not an internal battery on this camera...

Here is the instruction manual for you just in case....
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When I had my SD10...I noticed this when the batteries were going dead...I used Nimh batteries...when they were dead...(will not hold a charge or going dead) this would happen...I would get your self..a new set-of batteries..and see if that solves the problem...

If it does not..I would suspect that there is a cap...(capacitor) inside the camera that probably has gone bad...I thought they might use the flash's cap...but if your flash fires off fine...there must be another one somewhere...

I know this is not what you wanted...but I hope it helps...

Tony C ....:z04_cowboy:


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I don't remember of a small battery inside the SD10, and I do experience the same problem. The only solution I did found was to use the sd10 at least once a week, and verify the date and hour once a month. But I had a lot of other problems with my sd10, all power related ( SD10 unable to take more than 20 pics with a brand new just charged NiMh battery set, power drain when camera was off, and so on )

Tony, you forget that on the SD10, there is no flash at all!


New Member

I have the same problem with my SD14. If I insert the charged battery after about 1hour charging, I have to set Date and Time.
Sometimes I have a problem to switch the camera on. I have to remove the battery pack and insert it back into camera. It helps.

Does anybody know the reason?

Thanks Honza


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Sure there is little battery in SD14 (and in SD10) to keep date and other settings, it is just not accessible without disassembling camera.

You can see it inside SD14 on next image (right bottom corner):
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You need to call Sigma service to replace it.

Hint from
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