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Daylight fill flash metering modes


Hope this is in the right forum column. I need to know...

a) Do I need to dial in compensation of -1.5 on my metz 54mz3/3802 flash (or through the compensation dial on my Aria/N1) when I want daylight fill flash in i) TTL mode ii) 'A'uto mode?

b) Assuming I need to shoot fast (wedding with little time to spot meter off any gray spot) would matrix mode, in general, be a better choice than center weighted mode when shooting with color negatives?

Answers appreciated


Short answers:

a) Yes.

b) Yes.

Medium answers:

a) -1.5 stops is a ballpark figure. You might only want any ratio between the main light (the sun) and the fill light (the flash). -1 to -3 stops is a fairly conventional range, but maybe you want your images to be unconventional! ;-)

b) Generally, matrix mode is "intelligent" center-weighted mode; that is, it tends to be able to discard extremely dark or light values, or, even better, discard values not associated with the focal point. If a camera has both, the matrix mode will probably make better exposures; if only center-weighted is available, at least on quality equipment like my Hassy or your Contax, it's up to snuff. On lesser kit, as always, you're taking your chances.