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Dear Aaro,

sorry, but we do not allow links to images or copy/paste image into the forum. The reason is, that after a while the links are broken and all discussions about images are worthless.

We want to have meaningful discussions within our forums also for new users in i.e. 3 months from now. This is only possible, if we have the images here uploaded on our forum server without external links.

Therefore all images for image discussions have to be uploaded directly here in the forum on our server. We delete all other links to images. The same counts for for links to the images on our CI gallery.

Thanks for your understanding in advance

Best wishes

Guest .

Hi Aaro,

your Idea is a good one, if it was possible to deactivate external linking just for our image discussion threads. :)

Unfortunately our software does not include a selective disabeling of this function. If we disable completely, nobody could do an external link for information and news-purposes. That of course is a very basic function of our forum.
Of course you did not do that on purpose ... you simply did not know it/could not know it. So nobody is angry with you! :)

Unfortunately, I had no chance do watch your picture(s) .... would be nice, if you could upload it (or them?) again on our server.

See you with nice pictures



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Hi Aaro,

sorry for this inconvenience. But the software does not have an option to surpress this.

We try to be strict with image uploading because we see more and more on other forums, that threads become a desert after users decide to host their images with a different webhoster. Then you have tons of empty image discussions just because the user switched from pbase to something else.

Internet is still new to everyone. We see now consequences that noone has thought of beforehand. It is just a question of time when all forums will make the same rules, because all forums on the net are facing the same problems ;)

But nevertheless, welcome to the independent Sigma User forum!

(In fact I think we are the only "real" Sigma community with "Sigma only" Users). Sounds cool if you think about it... :z04_carrot:

Best wishes


Another trick I forgot to mention:

If you upload images here, there is a trick so that they look really nice without the usual ugly grey borderline. For details how to do that look here in the help section of this forum:

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Best wishes