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Dedicated flash advice



I am looking for some help with which flash unit to get for my old 7000. It was a birthday present when they first came out many years ago and I should have bought the dedicated flash unit for it then. Whilst in Japan I recently saw some secondhand minolta flash units that were in very good condition but I dont speak enough japanese to find out whether they were meant for the 7000. The one that sticks in my mind for some reason was the 280px, but I could be totally wrong. Any help would be gratly appreciated.
Matthew G


If you mean that you a Minolta 7000, the Autofocus model, the the 280 PX is NOT the right flash. The 280 PX was meant for the manual focus model (the X700 and the X300).
The flash that goes with your 7000AF model is the 4000 or 2800. These are very regularly available at Ebay etc. Also the newer flashes (like 5200i, 3500i) may fit your 7000, but you will have to use an adaptor (FS1200 if I am not mistaken, but you have to check this.



> The correct Minolta flashes for the 7000 are the 1800AF, 2800AF, and the 4000AF. The 1800 is a fully automatic basic unit with a guide number of 18 in meters. It will cover the angle of a 35mm lens without an adaptor. The 2800 has a guide number of 28 and has high and low power settings and a manual mode. It, too, will cover a 35mm lens without adaptor. The 4000 is a professional grade unit with a bounce and swivel head , an LCD readout, 6 different power settings, a manual mode, a zoom head for lenses from 28mm to telephoto. All have a focus-aid light to help the camera focus in dim light and will allow it to focus in total darkness! They are all metered by the camera in TTL mode. The 2800 and 4000 allow using the camera in manual mode. The PX series of flashes will work fine with your 7000. They will not allow TTL flash metering and some models will not give a flash-ready light in the viewfinder. Of course, they do not have the focus-aid light. Otherwise, they work fine and are 100% compatable. I have a 4000AF that I use with my 7000, and a couple standard-type Vivitar flashes that I use for other purposes. They all work fine with my 7000.


i'm wondering if anybody has ever had this problem & what to do about it. this happens on both my 7000i & 9xi. sometimes the flash doesn't flash. it happens w/ both my flashes (5600hs which is brand new, & 5200i[?, don't have it w/ me]) appreciate any ideas, thanx.