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Definitive list of German & Japan made Contax lenses?


Well-Known Member
Hi all,

There are more than one of these around, but every one I have seen has several errors, so I have tried to produce my own 'definitive' version. I have only listed items which I know 100% to exist. If anyone can fill in gaps, spot any errors, or confirm 100% of the existance of items I have missed, please post a message.

Cheers Steve. (new posting of old list due to broken link)

Carl Zeiss/ Contax AEMM15mm f3.5Germany N/A16mm f2.8Germany N/A18mm f4Germany Germany & Japan21mm f2.8N/AJapan 25mm f2.8Germany Germany & Japan 28mm f2Germany Germany 28mm f2.8Germany & JapanJapan 35mm f1.4GermanyGermany & Japan35mm f2.8JapanJapan 35mm f2.8 PCGermanyN/A45mm f2.8Germany & JapanJapan 50mm f1.4Germany & JapanJapan 50mm f1.7JapanJapan 55mm f1.2GermanyGermany60mm f2.8 C MacroN/AJapan 60mm f2.8 S MacroGermany & JapanN/A85mm f1.2GermanyGermany85mm f1.4GermanyGermany & Japan85mm f2.8Germany & JapanGermany100mm f2GermanyGermany & Japan100mm f2.8 MacroGermany & JapanN/A100mm f3.5Germany & JapanJapan 100mm f4 Bellows MacroGermanyN/A135mm f2GermanyN/A135mm f2.8JapanJapan 180mm f2.8 Version 1GermanyN/A180mm f2.8 Version 2GermanyGermany & Japan200mm f2N/AJapan 200mm f3.5GermanyN/A200mm f4GermanyGermany & Japan210mm Night MirotarGermanyN/A300mm f2.8GermanyN/A300mm f4 Version 1GermanyN/A300mm f4 Version 2GermanyJapan 500mm f4.5 MirotarGermanyN/A500mm f8 MirotarN/AJapan 1000mm f5.6 MirotarGermanyN/A28-85mm f3.3N/AJapan 28-70mm f3.5N/AJapan 35-70mm f3.4N/AJapan 35-135mm f3.3N/AJapan 40-80mm f3.5GermanyN/A70-210mm f3.5GermanyN/A80-200 f4N/AJapan 100-300mm f4.5N/AJapan