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Devils Club Re-Post


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ADMINISTRATOR: Would you please delete the earlier post of Devil's Club? I attached the wrong image, it was one I was playing around with.
Edit:: It´s gone,Uwe

The correct image is in this thread.

Here is the Devils Club (Oplopanax horridum) in all its glory. Sometimes when I am hiking down steep slopes I inadvertently grasp the spiny bark to slow myself down....not a good idea! :eek:

This is a close up of the outer layer starting to peel away, to be replaced by new spines. The leaves of the Devils Club are similar in form to Maple leaves, but can be a meter or more across.

I did a bit of Unsharp Mask to this, but that's all. Again, the SD-14 and Foveon have given me a very acceptable image right out of the gate, with no real "processing" needed.

You can see the little webs in between some of the spines.

Sigma SD-14
Tokina SD 28-70 Macro


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Hi Laurence,
another plant perfectly presented.Thank you.
It is almost unknown over here,we even don´t have a translated name for it.


Guest .

Hey Laurence,

... this is a very 3-dimensional shot ... really SIGMA-like! :)

I like it!

See you with nice pictures