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Did it Just bought a 50mm CFI


Well I did it. I found a used 50mm CFI for a decent price in Ex+ (KEH- condition) that was only just over a $100 more than a CF FLE also in Ex+ condition would have cost me. I'm still flinching over it as it's the most I have ever paid for a used lens. The most expensive used lens I'd bought until now was for a SINAR selected Schneider 360mm Large format lens in a copal #3 for $1100 back in the late 90's. I thought I was mad then... I got over it pretty quick with the results I got, but any rate.

Anyway, I got the CFI for $1299 which I think is not too bad compared to what I have seen them of the CF FLE's go for on Fleabay in a lot worse shape. I'm trying to justify my purchase so bare with me, but I know KEH is very conservative on their lens rankings so I am certain I should have a decent quality lens.

Cannot wait to try it, and compare it side by side with my Mamiya 6 50mm lens. I know some tests were done giving the Mamiya 50mm the edge on overall performance due to it being a true symmetrical lens and non retrofocus design. Anyway, my reasoning for having the two systems is A, have the mamiya for traveling/hiking, and when I am not too worried about keystoning and converging verticals which I find really hard to judge with the Mamiya 6 kit. I'll NEVER part with it!

I have owned a Blad before and really like the flexibility as a system, and the SLR seeing what you get unlike the RF. Both have their own strengths, and I just want the best of both worlds!

Just thought I'd share about my new acquisition.


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Congratulations! I have purchased five lenses from KEH and they have all be in better condition than I expected. I have the 50 FLE and it is the one that stays on the camera the most.



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Congrats. I am sure you will like the 50.

As of trying to justify substantial investments: you are not alone.
My 40 is the most expensive lens I own, and its price was enough
to give me some 2nd thoughts.

But remember: no coffin comes with a money vault, so enjoy while
you can.



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Another good thing about KEH is that you can be sure the lens has been checked out and is in good working order.

Reminder about the FLE: Be sure and set the FLE ring before you fine focus. If you reverse the process, your images will not be sharp. Martin


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Well done Andrew - great buying. And most importantly you will enjoy the 50mm - a lovely angle of view and a top quality Zeiss product.