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Dieing wind/rewind motor?


New Member
Hello all!

It seems my Contax RX might have a dieing wind/rewind motor. It has trouble winding the film forward after each shot, and then upon reaching the end of the roll, it will only rewind a couple of shots. If I wait between rewind attempts, I can get it to rewind a few more shots, but it is clearly not rewinding correctly.

Trust me, the first thing I tried was to replace the battery.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the issue? If it is the rewind motor, is there some internal battery that might have gone out? Or, is there a way to replace the motor itself?

I appreciate any and all insights!!


Well-Known Member
It seems you are correct about the winding motor. You can either go to a third party camera repair shop that can fix Contax cameras or go to ToCAD (the official assigned repair facility for Contax after Kyocera gave up on cameras).

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I hope you can get it fixed and continue to use the RX. It was one of my favorite bodies next to the RTSIII and RTSII.

Good luck