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Difference D100 D2H


Hello everybody,

Here you will see two diffent pics - taken by a D100 and a D2H ( ® Walter.France)

Both pics are taken with same apertiure and time - same lens as well - Weather was not really good - but good enough to take pics.

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Test 1


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Test 2


kind regards

Walter - France


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Im gonna take a wild stab and say that Test 1 is the D100 image and Test 2 is the D2H image. More detail in the D100 image as more was recorded. (6MP vs. 4MP)

A quiet standing bridge though is not exactly the D2H's callng card though. Action shots sports, or even animal shots in the wild are where the D2H (at 8fps up to 40 frames...)
is gonna smear the D100



@ Roman
@ Paul

Test 1 = D100
Test 2 = D2H

You're absolutely right, a "standing bridge" is not the right object, just want to see the difference in colour, resolution, etc. At the next sport event, I will take both with me - to see how these two bodies will work (promised).

I am not using the D2H like a PRO - it's just another toy to enjoy my hobby.

Kind regards from France



Yesterday, a salesman and I in NYC were talking about the D2H vs other digital camera's. He said that due to modern software, a 4 MP image can now be blown up to whatever size you need. The D2H was designed for speed. A larger CCD would slow the camera up.


K Michael

When the D2H came out I like many others I thought “just a photojournos camera that will sacrifice image quality for operating functionality". When I actually played with the camera and saw the results I was gob-smacked. How can this 4.1 MP camera pull such stunning results, but the evidence is in the files and the prints. I've seen 2DH files printed up to around A1-AO size on Epson Ultrachrome printer. And if I had not seen them come out of the printer myself, I would not have believed the files came from the D2H.

So the salesman in NYC is correct.

In my experience the D2H produces a very respectable file, good colours, quite clean with very good pixel form in the transfer edges. I’ll stick my neck out and say, if you were to pull a decent sized print A4 or A3 (from a good 6 colour printer) you will not be able to see the difference between the image made with the D1X or D2H, all things being equal. If anything the D2H prints are better.

I’ve have not had experience with the D100 as I’m a working photographer and primarily interested in pro cameras. However, if I where in the market for a DSLR right now the D2H would get some serious consideration.

Cheers, Craig


Thank you very much.
I'm in home's dial-up now and 17,1 mb is so much for me. Tomorow morning i will save it.