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Differences between Phocus and Lightroom

I've found that Phocus displays RAW files better than Lightroom, in that the exposure seems better and colors seem displayed more vibrantly. I heard that others have had the same experience.

I also heard that there is a type of formula for adjusting an image in Lightroom in terms of increasing exposure etc to compensate so it looks the same as in Phocus. If that is correct, I wonder does anyone know what that formula may be?

Richard Naismith
LR Versus Phocus

I'm a relatively new user of Digital-Hassy (I got a CFV50 for my 500CM last june) and after a few tries I've almost only used LR (3.X then 4beta):
- I'm a PC man (and phocus for PC doesn(t support other camera)
- I've been practising LR for 3 years, know it well and appreciate both its feature and the speed of its evolution.

From time to time a do a try with Phocus and I've never seen a real difference between the results (after work !).

The only avantage (for me) of Phocus it's the automatic correction of the distorsion of the Fish-Eye 3.5/30. In one click you get a very broad wide angle (equivalent to a 15mm in 35mm). to get the same result on LR, I've to make the correction twice (distortion at 100%, export in Tiff, correct again).


I think LR 4.1 is a new step in quality and speed,

also you can create color profiles with DNG profiler using Color Checker charts