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different tones of BLUE SD14 vs. SD9/10

Guest .

Hi all,

all SIGMA SDs have wonderful colour performance!
However ... there are differences if it comes to the recording of blue colour tones .... let us have a closer look:

SD14: (SIGMA 18-200mm DC OS)

sample 1.JPG

SD9 (SIGMA 10-20mm EX DC)

sample 3.jpg

Apparently, the blue tones of both cameras differ slightly.

As it looks, the SD14 WB is not all that exact (AWB was switched). This is not to be blamed on the cam, because the bright blue areas in the picture cause the camera to correct to yellow. Thus, the blue sky and the sea perform too turquoise. Simple white-balancing will solve the problem! :)

The SD9 cheats with its blue performance. Others would need a polarizing filter to have such an impressive steel-blue sky as it looks here.

Anyway ... to equalize SD9 to the more honest SD14 blue-performance it just takes a simple selective colour correction on blue tones. Just reduce blue saturation a bit and move the blue-tones slightly towards turquoise (cyan) and things are done...

sample 2.JPG

sample 5.JPG

Well, to be honest ... in many cases I like the SD9/10 blue-performance as it is ... that is without correction.
But ... whenever you mix up SD9/10 pictures with SD14 shots (I often use two bodies) it makes sense to equalize colour performance ... as it is very easy to do.

See you with nice pictures