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Digilux 1 versus G2


New Member
I swiched from Canon G2 to Leica Digilux 1 about 2 months ago. Have taken about 1000 pictures. So I have quite good comparision with previously owned G2.

1. Build quality of D1 is super, G2 is plastic. USB connector door is hi quality, G2 has rubber-dildo there.

2. D1 is quick! In many aspects. Swiching ON happens really fast. Lag is very acceptable (took ages with G2).

3. D1 communicates with Windows XP flawlessly. It's possible to download pictures, using just windows explorer. I had problems with Canon all the time.

4. BUT, G2 has rotating LCD. It's really good in some shooting positions when you are not able to see LCD directly otherwise.