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Digilux 2


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I've had confirmation from a dealer that Leica will soon release a Digilux 2 with 5 million mega pixels. I'm seeking further information and specification for the camera - does anyone else have any news.




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Is it a big camera at all?

(I promise I will post any news either here or on my website
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, which has lots of 4 megapixel D1 s&le pictures!)


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Hello all,

I am new here and lookin gfor a digicam from Leica.
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has today announced 2 new Panasonic Lumix with 3 and 4 MP. I have no doubt that one will be a Leica model soon. THey look compact and minimalist enough like the D-Lux.

Steven Lee


New Member
I dont believe that Panasonic FZ10 is enough good model for Digilux 2 base. I has 1,2" CCD compared to 1,7" CCD and no improvement in megapixels.
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We have to wait more.


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The base for the Digilux 2 will probably be the 5 megapix Panasonic DMC-LC1.
See Bill Palmer links hereabove (Hello Bill!) and
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A friend told me the las issue of LFI ( Leica magazine ) confirms the new digilux. The pictures are similar to DMC-LC1. Somebody can confirm this ?


This is obviously the same as the Panasonic announcement:

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A user said price would be around 1800 Euro. I do not know when it will be available. I would be surprised if this time Leica is faster than Panasonic in the shelves. But it would be good for the christmas sales...


man, so many people complain the body build of the first model, is digilux 2 made by panasonic again?? i assume if it cost 1800 euro, it must be a made by leica. I don't want to be disapponted by its body built.


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Hi Wujeah.
I have used a D1 intensively for 1 year and a half an i don't complaint against its body except minor details.
The D2 will be made in Japan as well:



are this details coherent with the quality and price of leica products?
we hope the images it will produce don't match this.


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I sure hope that is just the sign of a prototype or pre-production finish! I had a later run Digilux 1 and it was built very well, with just gorgeous fit and finish. These details you have highlighted look terrible.


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I've seen posts explaining that the camera will sell for around 1850 usd. What are people's ideas as to what the advantages are over the DSLRs with larger sensors (such as the Canon 10D) that justify the higher price? Sincerely, Scott