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Digital Back Discontinued


Well-Known Member
I've just seen the announcement.

I can't say that I'm surprised. The project if well intentioned seemed to me ill conceived and hugely expensive from the start. An added disadvantage for me as the owner of an R6 was needing to upgrade to R8 or R9.

So, what now?

And will there be lots of discounted DMRs floating around the retail market?


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There are those who argue that their DMR will be worth more now that the back was discontinued.


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"There are those who argue that their DMR will be worth more now that the back was discontinued"

This may be true. My Leica with Compur shutter is worth more now than when it was new and when I bought it. It does however take time to start appreciating.

With digital equipment, I know it's hard to see such appreciation happening. never knows!


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CicLF> That's an interesting thought. There doesn't seem to have been CicLF> much retail demand, though, and it may take a while. Meantime CicLF> stocks have to be cleared and I wouldn't be surprised if there CicLF> are some discounts available. I haven't checked to see if there CicLF> are any offerings on Ebay.