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Digital Back for RTSIII



<font color="119911">It forgives the errors of language, it is that I am Brazilian and I do not speak English! It was analyzing my RTSIII and I verified that more contacts behind cameras of that used for the date exist back. E I looked some accessory that used these contacts but I did not find nothing of this. They would be these contacts for a digital future back? Exists some accessory that uses the other contacts? Since already I am thankful!


I doubt, since the design was somrthing like 14 years ago and I believe digital compatability would not have been considered at that time. Even the new Nikon F6 is a pure film based camera, I really don't think the RTSIII could be so much further ahead. It's a good idea and Leica R series is doing exactly that. I hope CONTAX can produce something that is compatable with the range of manual lenses which are SUPERB!


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That would be my dream too but in view of the advent of the N series of lenses, I don't think it will happen unfortunately.