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Digital converter or Digital SLR



I want to take photos in a studio using a digital camera. I have the dimage7i which doesnt seem up to the job and a digital SLR is just to expensive.For best quality what can i do?
Should i get a digital converter for my analoge SLR? How are the converters rated?


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>Whats the problem with the 7i for studio work-what problems are you >experiencing to make you say that . I use it and I quite like it .



> Digtal convertor for analogue camera has to be film scanner does it not. Ive been using the Dimage 7 series camera since the 7 and find them adequate for a lot of work.BUT Barrel distortion especially at the wide setting is a problem. The 7Hi does however do a lot of our day to day stuff and the Dimage Viewer software is rather good. Digital SLRs still suffer from small chips apart from Contax N digita now out of production,the Kodak 14n and Canon IDs.this makes wide angle not so wide angle with multiplication factors ranging from 1.3 to 1.7 i believe. And Image quality on the smaller chipped cameras is not a lot better than the Minolta,in most cases you can not tell the difference on an A4 brochure


> Pedro Solórzano wrote > > Digital converter!! it´s a good idea!! please visit >
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That Idea has been around a long time ,several years in fact. I love the ide but find it difficult to believe that it will ever get into production. the early ones had smaller chip and this one hs a 10mp chip,great if it goes into production bu somehow I doubt it,the company is moving so slowly in an accelerating enviroment.


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the best digital camera is a filmscanner !
if you want to have larger digital images than a 7-7hi can give you, please make the images on 24x36m film and scan these images in the size you want to have them in. the minolta scan 5400 is a great machine to do these things.


"...if you want to have larger digital images than a 7-7hi can give you, please make the images on 24x36m film and scan these images in the size you want to have them..."


I think there is more difference than just the size of the final pictures. For what I have experienced so far, My Velvia and Provia images scanned with a Nikon Supercoolscan 4000a and printed out on an Epson Stylus Photo 1290 exceeded by far any print from a digital camera I have seen so far.

Both, in A4 and A3 the colours, contrast, sharpness and exposure range was better with the scanned slide.

For my (personal) purposes, Digital cameras can not replace yet my analog camera - but this everybody has to decide for himself. But I would be happy, if that would be possible also for me in 2-3 years.


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the problem is that a lot of people think that when they buy a digital camera that they can make pictures like a pro. They only forget that you have to make pictures like a slide film. only when you make the right exposure, the picture will be good, and it's true when you use slides and will scan them the pictures will be far more detailed than a digital one. the only advantage of a digital camera is the time that you can see the result from the things you have made a picture of.
Joost, I am sorry but the pros are doing a lot of digital!!!! Mot with a 7i but with digital backs for their medium format cameras!!! A lot of pictures you see on newspapers and magazines are taken with digital slr (nikon - canon. You can get the right exposure with B&W, Color Slides, Color prints, polaroids???? and digital???


I shoot pack shots and location work with a 7Hi and in the Studio use a scan back on my Blad .No comparison in quality and ive also used the Phase One H20,absolutly superb,knocks spots off scanned 6x6cm tranny.however 35mm tranny well scanned will be better than a 7Hi for Micro detail,it depends what you need.the 7 gives great images for the money and If the barrel distortion at wide angle was not so bad I would plan on keeping mine but its got to go for that very reason. I can show you prints made from the 7H1 which you would not be able to distinguish from prints made from negatives but it really is subject dependant.