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Digital Storage for D2X files



Does anyone have experience with digital storage? I need a portable device for travel that will store files (raw + jpeg) from the d2x, and I haven't any idea about which units will support these files. Help!


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> >

> I have the Nikon Coolwalker and I purchased it specifically because > I was concerned about raw format compatability. The Coolwalker might > not have the largest viewing screen or the fastest downloading speed > but it supports Nikon's raw and jpeg formats.

Hope this helps, Vickie


>Will it hold the large files from the d2x? Some of these devices only store up to 8mps. I have looked at the coolwalker, but can't find any site that have it in stock right now.Thanks for your help. Pat > >


Patricia - you might try
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- last time I looked they had the Coolwalker in stock - also, have you looked at the Epson P-2000 - it is a 40GB Hard Drive storage device...try Calumet or view at Epson's web site...


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>[hi patricia,

this is my first post on this forum... to do with your storage question... i have recently bought a PD7X and bought a 60GB Hard drive to go in it (no screen)... it does the job and does it well... when i was looking for a portable storage device i saw many wonderful and fancy devices with nice screen to have a nice preview of your JPEG TIFF OR NEF file... but at least in my case it wasnt a MUST have to have a screen... here is a link to the site
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i bought mine WITHOUT a Hard drive but you can buy the same device WITH a hard drive... as u can see this is an Australian Site (IM FROM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA) at the moment the devices are on sale during easter...

i have personally used the epson P-2000 and its a great little device... gorgous screen... seeing as the P -2000 still hasnt been realeased here in australia i was fortunate enough to use one since one of my peer (im a student photgrapher) works for epson.

dont get me wrong the P-2000 is a great device and will do a great job... but i could not justify paying close to AUD$900 for the device (this price is an estimate given to me by my peers from epson) when really in the end i am paying for the screen...

i ended up paying for my storage device with the 60gb hard drive about AUD$291... the hard drive is more than big enough to suit all my freelancing needs... more than big enough to survive a whole days worth of shooting on RAW... its a more than capable unit and didnt cost me an arm and leg...

look very carefully at your options and what your needs are...

i hope i have been able to help in some way... stay in touch
would be great to know what you choose to do...



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Hi Patricia,

Although I haven't any personal experience, recently I have been researching the same subject, and believe the "SmartDisk FlashTrax" will do the job, along with the CoolWalker. Both seem fairly similar in terms of weight and storage capacity, although the FlashTrax is available in 20, 40, and 80 Gb models, while I believe the CoolWalker is only available as a 30 Gb drive (fine if that's what you think you'll need, though).

Here was a discussion on the relative merits of these two systems, and it seems both would fulfill your NEF/RAW requirements.

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All the best!




\/--\/--\/-- >Hi,I own a D2H and am currently awaiting my D2x. I use a Flashtrax 80 Gb. When i'm on a job I shoot with two Lexars 1 Gb. When one disk is full I have the Flastrax downloading it while I continue with the second Lexar. The Flastrax screen is large and very clear, it does read NEF-(RAW) files without any problem! Kind regards, Charles Smink


Thanks for all your input on digital storage. The Epson p-2000, Flashtrax, and coolwalker all seem to fill the need. Now, I just have to make a choice and find what I need in stock.