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Dimage viewer 212



I recently bought a Minolta S414 which came with Dimage viewer 2.1.2 software for editing. Initially it worked fine, but now that I have many more pictures in my "My Pictures" folder it freezes up everytime I try to access any photo to edit it. I am using windows xp home edition. Any ideas as to why this should be happening.?


I suggest you make sub folders and refine your filing as the software wants to open all the pictures you have in each folder you click on and is simply churning through them. If you wait long enough and you have enough memory etc it will get there.Ive a dual Athlon set up with 2gb ram, dual scusi hard drives in a raid array for a scratch disc plus seperate 100gb fast hard drives for my os and working drives and still find one gb of raw files takes a while to open.