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DiMAGE Viewer Defaults


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When I use DiMAGE Viewer 2,10 to modify my photos, it always defauls to storing them in "My Documents" -- which is NOT where I keep my photos. Can that be changed?

Also, it defaults to saving the files as BMPs. What's the advantage of that? And if there is none, can this default also be changed?


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>One more peculiarity: when you use the program to make a new folder, it names it "New Folder" (which is normal for Windows programs) but does not let you simply overtype that with a more useful folder name. Instead, you have to right-click on it and select Rename. Very annoying. I had hoped that if I had an empty "New Folder" that the program would tell me next time round "You already have a folder called 'New Folder.' Care to pick another name?" But no, it just names the next one "New Folder(1)." >



I'm using DimageViewer 2.12 (german) and here it opens every time the last used folder:


Greetings Gerd


> [ when you have finished viewing why not direct the viewr toan empty folder before closing down.That way when you open viewr it has no work to do so you can navigate to the new folder very quickly Regards Michael Wilkinson. 106 Holyhead Rd, Ketley, Telford, Shropshire. England . ]


i want to download photos as i take them to my laptop. I have the USB connection, what software do i need?


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>While we're on the subject: Whenever I modify an image in Dimage Viewer, the program suggests I save the changes, which is fine, but it suggests I save them as BMP files in "My Documents" (as I recall). >

What's the advantage, if any, of storing the image as a BMP?

And is there any way I can get the program to default to storing them in the folder I actually use for photos?


Am very new to my A1. The viewer strikes me as 'throwback' software. When I attempt to load a scanned 5.2MB jpeg image the load fails and I get an insufficient memory message. Running a dual pIII machine @ 2G with 512MB of memory and Win 2000 Pro. Can't find anything on the internet or in the instruction manual on limitations.. Any suggestions?