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Distagon 2,8/21mm T* and full frame body


Does a Canon 5D or a 5D Mark II fulll frame camera fit with a Distagon 2,8/21mm T* Zeiss without any problems with the mirror or infinity focus. I know, that I need a adapter, but I need recomandation on which to buy. I also need to be able to use my 100mm macro Zeiss.

I love the lens and find it essential for most of my photograpy work like you see it on the my homepage

The 5D's are now showing up as used gear and entering a pricelevel where I can participate, so I guess now is the time to go digital.

Any help, hints or tips are welcome.


Jakob Arnholtz
Great to hear from you.

I have a quote from the link you provided: the 5D tends to have an array of unique clearance issues.

Since you do not have issues with the combination, I would like to know which adapter are you ysing with the 21mm and 5D?


Jakob Arnholtz


Well-Known Member
I buy from these guys:
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They make nice adapters. But I believe it's matter of luck - for example I wasn't able to use 2/28, but heard that some guys were able to use it. Go figure.
Looks almost too god to be true: AF-Confirm Contax-EOS PRO Adapter Hi Precision OPTIX V5
New firmware changes APERTURE, FOCAL & FOCUS TUNING !!!

Thank a lot. I might give it a shot!!


Jakob Arnholtz


Well-Known Member
I don't recall reading if you already have the Contax 21/2.8, but if you don't already have one the new Zeiss 21/2.8 ZE would be better suited on a 5D. Now the ZF line is coming out with CPUs which of course the ZE line would soon follow. This is good news to Nikon and Canon DSLR users wishing to use Zeiss optics.
I am already using my old 21mm with converter with stunning results. Of course i miss full aperture focusing, and the the new Zeiss 21/2.8 ZE would shurely be better suited on a 5D.