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Distagon 28mm f28 Help on Making a Deal


New Member
I have an opprotunity to buy a 28mm 2.8 lens and am having difficulty deciding how good a deal the lens is. The lens is older, made in Japan, AE and not MM and seems to be in excellent condition. Optically, the seller claims the lens is perfect- no fungus, no scratches etc. Mechanically the lens is also described as perfect- the focus and diaphragm are smooth. Cosmetically the lens is also pretty good although there is minor paint wear on the mount and rear rim. The lens comes with the front lens cap, the original leather bag, and a hood of some type. It is missing the box, booklets, and the rear lens cap.

The price for the lens is $177 US. I am hesitating because I am not sure about buying an AE lens and because I have seen MM lenses with thier boxes, booklets, caps, etc. for $200-230 on Ebay. I presently have a 50mm 1.7 mm and I have never used the lens in its autoamtic setting. I just feel that purchasing a used MM lens might give me a better idea of the age of the lens.

Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.