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DNGs, fffs, etc.


New Member
I've been having considerable trouble figuring out a workflow that includes Lightroom. Lightroom of course does not recognize fffs such that for Lightroom to strut its stuff, so to speak, the fffs must first be converted to DNGs. However, I find when converting fffs to DNGs using either Phocus or Flexcolor that they come out a couple of stops darker and worse there's a color shift toward red. I have much better luck letting Phocus or Flexcolor convert directly to TIFFs but of course this means I don't have access to Camera Raw controls either in Photoshop or Lightroom. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to convert an fff to a DNG without having there be a change in the appearance of the image? I find that images that have been converted to DNGs at some point are very difficult to color correct. Any advice about all this would be much appreciated.

maarten m

Well-Known Member
there is a free DNG-converter from adobe on their site somewhere.
maybe that one can convert your files without loss of "light"?

you should find it ->
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good luck!