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Do i sell my Contax T2


New Member
Hello,I am a newcomer to this forum and i look forward to reading news and comments and hearing from fellow members.

I own a Contax T2 which i bought from new and it was one of the last off the line {so i was told}.
It is in excellent condition but sits in a draw at home. I have been thinking to sell it and every time i go to put it on Ebay i put it back in the draw and forget about it until the next time,just find it hard to let it go as it is such a lovely classic. My worry is that in time there will be no such thing as 35mm and and it will be no use to anyone then but a museum.
I have been looking at the new Leica X1 but not sure about that {i do own a D-Lux 4} and was thinking to put the money from the sale of the T2 towards the X1.
I know it's my decision at the end of the day but if anyone has any views it would be Great to hear from you,


i think a T2 is a jewell. So you can keep it at home...and collect other Contax :)
In few years a short film to remember and show how it was beautiful photos with film


New Member
Sincere advice -- keep that contax

Coming from a guy who almost threw away his Contax T2 in a bout of pre Chinese New Year cleaning frenzy a few weeks ago, to realising my mistake...I give you sincere advice: Keep that little gem of Zeiss lensed point-n-shoot.

Since re-discovering my old T2 at the back of a cupboard; I have since dusted off the little guy, to buy a new 3V batt + a couple rolls of Kodak 400... and been shooting/appreciating the results of that beautiful "old tech". :)

Have fun with that T2. Leica X should be still around in 6 months or even a yrs time, where you probably still have the chance ot buy it with money from other sources.

Cheers + Salud!